A Storm Hits The City With John River’s New Project. Mixtape Review.

John River

The GTA is heating up with amazing rappers and artists who about to take over the world. If you really look around at the scene right now coming out of Canada it’s insane. It’s bigger then it ever has been before and as a hip hop fan it’s excited. Canada has never been a hip hop hot spot but now it’s our time! And John River is one of those incredible rappers crafting a new sound. The Mississauga rapper recently dropped his highly anticipated mixtape The Storm. Fun fact before The Storm John River put out the mixtape The Calm. Let that sink in for a second. My first introduction to his music and lot of people’s first taste of his skills was from the video for his song “Hope City II”.

I remember playing the video as I was fully sucked into the song and his lyrics. He has this really aggressive flow that hits you as he spits out the truth about today’s society. As The Storm is my first real introduction to John River’s music I didn’t know really what to expect. I heard the songs “Hope City II” and “Get Down” but it’s hard to judge off just two songs.
And now after fully diving into the tape I can easily say with no doubt in my mind that John River is about to take off into stardom. He made sure that The Storm was perfect before he let it grace all of our ears. If you’re looking for a mixtape full of club bangers about getting drunk and hooking up with women than this is not the tape for you. The Storm is a power musical masterpiece that touches many important issues from our education system, the police and just how we look at things on a daily basis.
While listening to the songs you will go from cheering, chanting and crying. It will touch all your emotions. For example “On and On” is a straight up banger that will be bumping out of your car stereo as you cruise through the streets. Where the “Backup Plan” is a song about how John River dropped out of high school and how messed up the education system. He talks about how we are all different yet they teach us all the same. Think about that for a second. Some of my favourite songs off of The Storm are “Hope City II”, “The Storm” and “Broken Down”. One song that will really hit you is “BLVD” the song he wrote after fellow rapper Redway passed away. Rest in peace Redway. That song and the last one “The End” really tell you what kind of person John River is. He has a big heart but don’t be fooled he won’t let anyone or anything get in the way of his dreams.


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