Meet Our Writers

Here’s a bit of info about some of the full time writers you’ll be hearing about on the regular, including a bit more about Dave, one of our senior editors.


Hi! My name is Pierce Finch-Coursey, and I’m currently a student at Ryerson University.  I guess the reason I am writing for The Indie Blender is that I’ve always had music in every aspect of my life; growing up, I’d listen to music during drives, while doing homework, learning how to play the piano, guitar and mandolin, and to escape the world.  I’ve been drawn to rock and folk for most of my life, with sprinklings of metal, punk, ambient and classical.  There’s definitely been a growth over the past few years of independent labels supporting artists in these genres, and with the resulting blending of genres, I feel that it is important to showcase these new sounds on blogs, such as ours.  Hope you enjoy reading and listening to the music we show you!



Well hello there everyone! It seems that someone has given me a venue in which I can publicly rant about music. Those that know me might see this as a bit of a frightening concept, but rest assured, I am just another simple benevolent music blogger who wants to share his absolute passion with anyone with enough time and attention to listen. So let’s get this show on the road!

I have been playing and studying music my whole life. I happen to like playing guitar more than anything else in the world, and I like to complement that by dabbling in bass guitar, flute, piano, vocals, and I just recently picked up the mandolin. I listen to a whole lot of different music, but first and foremost I am a hopelessly obsessive Phan. I grew up on classic rock, blues, jazz, and bluegrass, but these days I like to include plenty of Indie and alternative bands into my repertoire, as well as just about anything that grabs me by the ears. Other personal favourites of mine would have to be Pink Floyd, Wilco, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Sigur Ros, Jethro Tull…I could really keep this list going forever so I’m just going to cut myself off.

So to wrap this up, I just want thank anyone who visits this blog for allowing me to expose them to a bit of my insanity. I hope that all of you readers will be eager to offer their own opinions on whatever I decide to write, and that you won’t be shy about sending me something to listen to!

Much Love,


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