Our Mission

With the amount of music being created every day increasing due to the internet and technology, and we, the internet consumers, being able to access way more music than we’ve ever been able to before, it can sometimes be a bit of an issue getting a hold of it all. That’s where we come in. Now we’re not promising to tell you about all the music under the sun, we’re not all-seeing, knowing, hearing, or all powerful.

The goal here is to keep the posts about independent musicians. Now, what does independent mean. Well, we’re not talking dictionary definition here. Independent means not on a major label. Now, having said that, we may be posting about bands who used to be on major labels, and are now independent. We will try very hard not to post about bands that are on major labels, but sometimes, we probably won’t be able to help ourselves.

If you’re an independent band that wants a mention, shoot us an email with some of your stuff. We’re always looking for new music (hence the blog), so you can find our info on the Contact page.

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