Meet Our Editors

Hey guys, my name is Marc, and The Indie Blender started as a school project of mine. I’ve been a passionate music fan for most of my life and I’ve been writing lyrics and singing for the better part of a decade now. I started trying to help local, or independent bands get their name out there in high school and also developed quite a habit of spamming my Facebook and Twitter account with music links. It always surprised me when my musician friends would practically worship me when I would try to promote them, or show up to their shows regularly, no matter whether it was exactly the same set as two weeks earlier or not. It’s only recently occurred to me that they were so thankful because being an independent musician is really tough, and not enough of their friends do what I do. So when the opportunity arose to start a blog for a school project, this was a no-brainer. I’ve since put together a team of writers with a similar passion in order to share underrated and underexposed music with the world.

Speaking of that team of writers, let’s talk about Dave for a moment. Without Dave, the Indie Blender probably would never have gotten very far off the ground. Dave and I met at summer camp way back when. We were friends, but we weren’t super close. But in the summer of 2012, after 6+ years of not seeing each other, we reconnected at Montreal’s Osheaga Music Festival, and it became very clear that we had both retained a large passion for music, and bands that weren’t as well-known. So when I opened the blog up to others who were interested in sharing their music suggestions, Dave was the first person to come to me and say “I’m in!” Half of our wonderful writers were friends of Dave’s or friends of his friends first. This may be pretty bold, but I’m pretty happy to say they’re our friends now.

Dave is one of the most musically open minded people I know, he’s eager, and fair, and gives almost everything a chance, and together we balance things out. I had meant for this page to be a way for Dave and I to introduce ourselves, but it turned into me talking about who Dave is. So, I’ll pause here, and let Dave tell you about himself, and how annoying I am.

I hope you find this site as amazing and inspiring as I do every day. Happy reading and happy listening.
– Marc

Thanks Marc, turns out you’re not so bad after all! Greetings audiophiles, welcome to our humble slice of the internet. I joined this blog a few months ago to share the music I listen to with anyone who wanted to take a little time to Wander through a sonic landscape, but since then working here has become much more. I love chatting with musicians, and hearing what all you musical people have to say. Most of all I love the bands that take the time to send us their tunes. No matter where you’re coming from, I want to hear what channels through you when you decide to create, so please, don’t hesitate to send me a few things to listen to. I suppose I should tell you a few of my favourite bands…first and foremost, I am hopelessly obsessed with Phish…it’s the best kind of problem. I also absolutely love Wilco, Sigur Ros, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, to name only a few. I hope you kind folk enjoy the music I have to share, and that you will make sure to comment on our posts with you own musical suggestions!

Much Love,


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