Making a Splash In My Life: Mrs. Magician by Harrison Tim

Alright I have to be completely honest with all of you. For a couple of weeks now I have been listening to this one album from front to back and I can’t even describe to you how amazing it is. Words can’t define how unique and excellent this band is. Mrs. Magician a surf group from San Diego, and they are making some serious sound waves (Yeah I know I’m corny get over it). Seriously though, these beach punks know how to create a good album. It’s rare for me to enjoy every single song off an album, but Mrs. Magician’s Strange Heaven has done it for me.

These guys incorporate everything to make a great surf, lo-fi, punk, and pop style album. Just imagine a tsunami of fuzz, reverb, and great vocals hitting you in the face. That’s what Mrs. Magician is, a Tsunami of greatness. What I really enjoy about this album is the fact that every song sounds different even though they incorporate similar elements. A song like “Nightlife” or “True Blues” is so garage like and has such a punker feel to it while “Dead 80s” is so poppy with fun harmonies. Other songs like “Prescription Vision” has a defining surf tone to it with the vibrato guitar and the up-beat drum pattern. Personally, what sticks out for me is “The Spells”. I could not pick a favourite song on the album, but “The Spells” is terrifically written everything from the amazing guitar licks to the vocals. And trust me, I want you to try getting “There is No God” out of your head. That song is so catchy and easy to sing-a-long with, and the la la la’s make it even better.

I could literally write more if I wanted to, but the band is going to think I’m creepy or everything is going to sound redundant and shitty. But seriously though, please please please go listen to this album check it out on their BandCamp  because it is a fantastic album. I bought the album so why don’t you? Soon when I get paid I’m buying this baby on vinyl and CD. Oh and since you people are always on the internet, why don’t you check out their music videos. My two favourites are Dead 80s and There is No God. Well there you have Mrs. Magician. My opinion one of the best bands out there today and people need to hear these guys.

Peace Dudes

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