The Pro-Creatively Produced Portrait: Polite Fiction’s First-Born EP

Today’s Therapy: Polite Fiction’s EP Portrait

Just to start this off, I would like to say that I am very thankful for joining this blog. A fun and passionate group of music lovers sending me music they think I’ll enjoy. Well yet again, they were right! Lucky me, I get to talk about what I would describe as a “Two Door Cinema Club” instrumental sound, if all the instruments were played by one dude. This talented individual describes his music as “upbeat tunes that make you want to smile(check), bob your head(definite check), and sing along (give me a couple days and I’ll be right there adding to your delightful harmony, sir)”.

My personal favourite off of Portrait at the moment isPerspective”. The song begins with two overlapping guitar lines with a well-thought out tone and fit together seamlessly, and a bass rift which completes this dance-inducing tune, adding that head bobbing effect. Take a moment to listen to the catchy vocal melody he creates with his soothing voice during the chorus, especially the second chorus where he overlays many vocal parts to create this wall of beauty which hits you like a soft cloud leading to the extremely appropriate lyrics “sing to me at night and put me to sleep, a lucid lullaby”. I definitely plan on downloading this album and throwing it on my ipod as I’m sure there will be plenty of times this summer perfect for laying down in a park and closing my eyes to let this music take me on a wonderful journey.

I made sure to hit that like button on Facebook so I could keep up to date with Polite Fiction’s newest endeavors. From there I found out he has added a new member to the band all the way from Australia and they have begun to collaborate, coming up with many ideas already. He also uploaded the instrumental version of “Perspective”. I’d check it out as it makes the violin more prominent, unfortunately at the sacrifice of losing the vocals.

Another song I’d like to briefly mention is “Quiet, Quiet” due to the multiple layers of cello and violin, the fun guitar rift, and the double time high hat, which always catches my attention. The whole album is very well produced, so hats off to you since this is your first fully produced project, extremely well put together! I’d throw up the video, but I’d prefer it if you checked out the artist’s website instead.

Here’s a link to this artist’s bandcamp where you can also get a copy of Portrait. I know I will be purchasing a copy myself as I believe we have to support the musicians we love to listen to. The way I see it, buying this album helps Polite Fiction to create more of the music you love!

Have a terrific Thursday everyone, I know mine just got much better.

– Karly D

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