“Intentionally-independent self-produced music-making siblings hailing from the great state of Texas” – The Oh Hellos

Oh, hello there. Have you heard of The Oh Hellos? Well they’re your Sunday Sounds this week and if you haven’t already heard of them, then read on, they’re worth it.

I was first introduced to The Oh Hellos by a friend who had just recently stumbled upon them herself and fell pretty hard for them. By stumble, I mean, like, she really just stumbled upon them. iTunes Genius recommended them to her. Pretty fantastic, a) that it recommended this band to her and b) that she decided to give them a listen. Many of our conversations consisted of recommending music to each other, so when she found this band, I got a very excited message from her, I fell pretty hard too. Looking back, our conversations were probably a fair chunk of the inspiration for this blog. But I digress. The Oh Hellos are a brother-sister folk duo from San Marcos/Angleton, Texas. I was initially drawn in by a song off their late 2011 self-titled EP, “Hello My Old Heart” – a song about love and protecting your heart. Tyler’s smooth lead vocals and he and Maggie’s tender harmonies put a smile on my face and a warm, tingly feeling all over my body, primarily my heart.

They followed up their EP a little under a year later with a self-contained concept album called Through the Deep, Dark Valley, which was released October 30th, 2012, and steps away a little bit from the traditional Irish folk inspired songs from their EP, but only a little bit. Still full of catchy hooks and choruses. Lots of harmonies and a sound that could very easily be the score/soundtrack to a great film.

You can find all their music on their website for sale at “name your own price” and I urge you to pay something for this wonderful duo, and you can also find them on Facebook, and both individually (Maggie and Tyler, who has his own website for his solo project), and together on Twitter. And if that wasn’t enough, here’s the YouTube channel for both Tyler’s solo project and the Oh Hellos.

Now normally, we at Indie Music Machine generally end with YouTube videos to watch right here made easy for you, I’ve already included one for “Hello My Old Heart” and I’ll include another one from their EP, because to include just one song from their newest album, is to do the band an injustice. go HERE, right now and give the entire album a listen, and then come back and watch the video below.

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