Yo mate! These boys from down under are pretty gnarly.

I’m a big fan of music that hails from other continents: Europe, Asia, South America, wherever. This two man, Death From Above-ish sounding, band comes from the most interesting continent this Earth holds. Australia. A lot of cool stuff comes from Australia: attractive people, Hugh Jackman, kangaroos, wallabies, I’m sure you get it at this point. Amongst this cool stuff are some pretty wicked bands, (INXS, Jet, Wolfmother, Men At Work) and now there is a new band in town. An aggressive rock/synthy duo known as DZ Deathrays. Their only album debuted towards the end of the summer last year and I picked it up out of interest (the cover looked neat) and I didn’t pay it much attention until recently; I’ve been beating myself up over that. This album is phenomenal: the voice is so unique, the guitars are tight as hell and the drums are loud as fuck. The music punches you right in the throat, leaves you there and just when you catch your breath; kicks you in the head. These two played at SXSW last year and actually got kicked out for being too loud and causing too much damage. Pretty fucking wicked if you ask me.

Aggressive and loud? Totally. Fun as all hell, also yes. Not every band can be that punchy all the time though, that includes DZ Deathrays. So I present to you this slice of groovy, sexy and all around awesome piece of sound. Go turn this on, do some substances your parents aren’t okay with and have some wicked sex with that guy or girl you’ve always wanted to fuck.

The whole album is rockin as hell and I love it, I certainly hope you feel the same way.

Until next Friday my dearies,

Uncle Sam

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