MØ- Intelligent pop

This week I wanted to focus on an artist of particular interest to me lately, one of the most exciting new acts to emerge from Denmark in recent years, Karen ‘‘ Ørsted. In no time, she has sneaked herself onto the global arena, which has met her with loving arms like a new Grimes or Lykke Li. Have a listen to MØ’s two tracks, Pilgrim and Glass. There’s something beautifully occult to her musical aesthetic. Both songs are artfully produced, her luscious vocals are accompanied by dazzling production work featuring a collage of textures and sounds:  xylophones, cascading synths, mini-screams, and even a little wub-wub.

Glass features sultry, seductive-siren vocals, circa No Doubt-Gwen Stefani, while the sizzling little guitar-figure contrasts nicely with the cool electronics. Pilgrim is slower, heavy on the handclaps, the melody and pace seemingly influenced by ska. MØ’s influences include: Sonic Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Major Lazer, Santigold, J Dilla, Twin Shadow and Little Dragon; All clearly reflected in these two songs.

If you’ve fallen for her as I have, you might want to check out the hand written lyrics that she’s posted on her tumblr.  And in the meantime, listen out for MØ’s debut album, due early next year

Also if wondering how to type Ø on your keyboard (option + O) and pondering the meaning of MØ, it’s old Norse for virgin, apparently. Happy Listening!

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