The Soulful Sounds of Bosley

They have been called a cross between Prince, James Brown and Otis Redding. Bosley, a relatively new band from Baltimore, is trying to, and succeeding at, recreating the soulful sounds of the past.

Lead man, Bosley Brown has had several musical endeavors but this band seems to be really taking off. The band is made up of seven members – complete with a horn section and backup singers – Bosley’s music is super catchy and invokes some serious singing and dancing. While he is a young artist, the band is still able to capture that great old style vibe!

Bosley recorded their first album in 2011, titled Honey Pig. When you listen to the record, you just want to move or, at least, tap your foot. Honey Pig really shows the bands’ ambition and style…. a great album.

Check out the Sharpshooter!

Seeing the band live is always a good time.

Most recently Bosley and their friends J.Pope & Funky Friday (also from Baltimore) have been co-headlining the 8×10 Club during their June residency – playing every Wednesday night of the month!

The band dresses up, invoking the spirit of 60’s and 70’s soul artists. The men wear suits and ties while the ladies sport nice dresses. Bosley usually jumps into the crowd and sings a song or two surrounded by fans. Everyone loves it!

I am glad to say I have seen them a handful of times now.

Bosley is able to invoke old soul artists without ever really sounding like anyone but himself. You would never guess that this old school soul sound is coming out of a white boy from Baltimore.

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