I saw this band Twiddle this past weekend at Camp Bisco in upstate New York. I was there to see my favorite band the Disco Biscuits and everything else was just icing on the cake.


The first show of the festival was Twiddle. I had been chilling at my campsite with my friends and neighbors when decided to go check out the opening band at Camp. I was so glad we did. Twiddle threw down and everyone was really loving it. I can’t believe I had never heard of them before!

Their Camp Bisco set was great! They had some great groovy, dance jams and then went into some dark and dirty rock n rolly jams. At one point they went into straight dub music. Later on in their set they played Robot Rock by Daft Punk that had everyone jumping up and down

After I got home I looked them up. They formed in Vermont in 2004, after the members had been jamming together for several years before hand. From a little bit of listening, it is easy to come to the conclusion that they’re music is very diverse. I love this in a band. I get tired of playing the same show over and over again or each of their songs sounding on a record.

The individual playing sounds super smooth and is slightly unexpected due to the fact that their songs are complicated. Twiddle has a very upbeat vibe about them as well as silly lyrics…something that Phish is known for. Their tunes are skillfully put together, offering danceable beats.

After talking to other fans in the crowd at Camp, they were blown away like me! I highly recommend seeing them if you can! This summer they are making their way on the festivals circuit, so catch them when you can!

To put it in simple term “We are a hi-def shred is going to melt faces” – Twiddle’s words not mine.

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