Get Your Groove On With Homeless Balloon

This week’s Selection: Homeless Balloon’s latest EP, Moog On The Dance Floor.


This EP is a departure from Homeless Balloon’s usual sound — their older albums are full of super relaxed, low-key ambient electronica, in the vein of Boards of Canada. While Moog On The Dance Floor has plenty of chill to it, it is an entirely different manner of beast. The first (and title) track, “Moog On The Dance Floor” is straight up, super hype, bumping dance music. Mixing elements of electro and latin jazz with a tribal drum beat and incredibly dramatic strings (which bring some chill into the dance frenzy) “Moog On The Dance Floor” is one of the most exotic electronica songs I have heard in a long time.

In fact the EP as a whole has a very exotic flavor to it. The second track, “In A New World”, has an Eastern feel to it, stemming mostly from the twangy guitar that leads the rhythm. Though it is much more subdued than the opening track, “In A New World” is still one for the grooving.

Although there are 6 tracks on Moog On The Dance Floor, there are only 3 distinct songs, as the last 3 tracks are remixes: 4 and 5 remix “In A New World”, and the final track is a remix of the title track. Now, I am not usually a fan of “remix EPs” but the remixes on this album manage to keep alive what was good about the original songs while bringing in interesting new elements. Track 5, the “George W Remix” of “In A New World” takes the already remixed version (track 4), which is grungier and more industrial than the original, and mixes in strange, almost haunting vocal samples from speeches by former US President G.W. Bush. Is it a little bit late to still be taking shots at this unfortunate former world leader? Quite possibly. But you cannot deny that it is a cool song.

Hop on over to Homeless Balloon’s Bandcamp and pick yourself up a copy of Moog On The Dance Floor. It’s only $4, and your dancing shoes will thank you!

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