Pronounced TUR-KWAZ. Not TURK-YOO-AZ like I had originally thought and went around telling my friends about this great band I discovered but was mispronouncing their name! Remember that name and the correct pronunciation.

High-energy power funk is really the only way to describe the Turkuaz’s music.

The band has been compared to Sly & The Family Stone as well as modern funk monsters Lettuce. The guy has even been called “a white George Clinton” by one appreciator.

1013898_10151449592950872_1370954817_nTurkuaz was formed in Boston in 2008 by Dave Brandwein on rhythm guitar and vocals and Taylor Ward Shell on the bass. Dave and Taylor recruited some musician friends to help them on this musical endeavor. After some successful performances at Berklee School of Music, the band relocated to Brooklyn to deliver some power funk to New York.

The 10-piece band has an arsenal of horns, rhythm, vocals and chords that produce an eclectic groove, hard to not move to when listening. Dave Brandwein belts out strong, raspy vocals while sax player Josh Schwartz’s smoother and soulful voice adds a nice contrast. Backing vocalists, Geneva Williams and Sammi Garrett offer an unmatched soul sister sound to Turkuaz’s already amazing tunes. When the 4 of them are singing at once its just straight up goodness.

Turkuaz has taken funk to a whole new level. When playing live, each member wears a different colored jump suit, adding visual flare to the overall experience. They segue in and out of songs and have a vast collection of cool covers as well as originals. They pay tribute to their influences ranging from James Brown to Led Zeppelin to Joe Cocker when playing covers.

They have the audience jumping up and down and dancing all around! I have only seen them once, opening up for my homies in Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. It was a great time! I really need them to pass through Baltimore again!

Turkuaz released 2 independent albums, both in 2011; a self-titled and Zerbert. The band tours heavily in support of both albums. Chatte Lunatique off of Zerbert best expresses their unique multi-layered sound. The song has choppy or an uneven guitar platform and choppy vocals. Definitely a fan favorite!

Check out The Rules below…another fan favorite!

It is quite reasonable to say that Turkuaz plays louder, faster and harder than most other bands. With 2 albums, heavy tour schedules, an ever-growing fan base, and the desire to only get bigger, Turkuaz continues on perfecting sound as well as amazing crowds across the US and hopefully beyond soon!!!

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