Goji berries, quinoa, kiwis and……..Birmingham?


What’s the common theme here? Superfood, that’s the one! What could you mean Jake? Aren’t super foods just those extra healthy things my dietician is telling me to eat? How does Birmingham fit in there? Well I’ll tell you how. It’s something to the effect of the wicked 4 piece band that goes by the name “Superfood”. Now they only have two songs that I could find so I won’t have much to say, except that if you really like ’90s bands like Spacehog, Harvey Danger, Eve 6 etc. you should probably give these guys a listenin’ to. They have that hazy-ish sound with those weird open chords that aren’t really open chords and it rocks so hard. Love the guys voice too, it’s just perfect and melds so well with everything. I wish I could say more, but like I said; only two songs. I’ll link you to their Soundcloud thinger so you can give the songs a check. It’s something I can’t really explain in several words so here ya go

Sorry for the short little thing guys, more coming next week!

– Jake

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