The Ithaca, NY based band, Jimkata released their new record Die Digital late last year. I am a little late to the party as I have only recently listened to this album. I have heard the name Jimkata floating around but never really sat down to listen. After hearing some of their earlier more electronic material, I realized Die Digital is by no means an electronic album. This may be a surprise to some of you who have a history with the band, but I don’t! Needlessness to say, I really like what I hear.

Most people should not have a problem warming up to Die Digital, mainly because many are unacquainted with the sounds of Jimkata. There isn’t any history to reflect on!

Die Digital

Die Digital

It’s a catchy rock album with electronic danceable beats. Get ready for fun beats, melodies and lyrics to get stuck in your head.

A few tracks really stand out in my mind.

Chain Store may remind listeners of a modern day Cars tune with a poppy background beat and intelligent lyrics.

Electric Stone is a synthesizer heavy song that really mirrors Animal Collective. Pretty trippy.

Lego Land is probably the smoothest song. You should just listen below…

Low Low plays reminds me kind of Band of Horses, but it flows much clearer and no screaming vocals.

Stream their whole album HERE on Bandcamp!

It doesn’t take long when listening to this album before you realize the great strikes Jimkata has made in the quality of their vocals. The dedication to lyrics distinguishes them from other bands with a similar sound. It’s clear that these guys want to add their on special take on independent tunes.

Go ahead and try your luck on Die Digital!


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