Brazilian Money – Old Bones: Rarities, Misfits and Loose Teeth

“I don’t know much at all/But what I learned I learned from doing/And the doing wasn’t nothing”

if you wanted to describe edmonton’s brazilian money in a nutshell they’d fall somewhere between wolf parade and elephant 6, though their best material (like repeat-able opening track “filthy dreams”) merges the unhinged low-fidelity ambience with woozy grooves worthy of the american analog set. like even the best bands that tag themselves as “lo-fi experimental,” there is some frustrating inconsistency across their catalog, though oddly enough this collection of (apparently) b-sides and cast-offs has the lowest proportion of shambling bullshit i’ve been able to find across the rest of their oeuvre. the best tunes are gratingly beautiful mysteries, spinning dizzily in a druggy ether like a trashed spacecraft. garrett johnson’s heavily affected delivery is gonna be make or break for a lot of you, and will frustrate even those like me who admire him by preferring quirkily nihilistic humor over actual insight (most of the time, anyway), but this two-week-old collection may be the band’s richest and most rewarding yet.

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