Electronic Fun, Spacey Cool.


I’ve been on a bit of a trip the past summer. Going out West and all, my musical interests morphed a bit; but Hot as Sun has given me new life in regards to electro-pop. I actually scored this band on my flight from Calgary to Toronto, one of those small bands that gets the “privilege” to be on Air Canada’s Alt. Rock playlist. The name interested me, and honestly the other options didn’t seem to thrilling, so I gave them a shot. First song in I was already feeling pretty good, second song I may have danced a bit, but by the time I made it to the fourth song; I was hooked. I loved everything about this album, it made me think of what Starfucker might sound like if they mellowed out even more and had a female vocalist. Side note, I love female vocalists. Normally I’d have a link to song for you to listen to, but the band has made an entire YouTube playlist that replicates the album, so I’ll give you that at the end. What I want to discuss though is the floaty, spaced out, all around wonderful feeling this album can give you. Quiet little horns in the background, a drifting background “sound”, and some solid vocals make this album something perfect to put on when the devil’s lettuce comes out. It’s so relaxing and pleasant to the ears, you could easily drift into a sleepy haze listening to it. Here’s the album.

So long friends! Tomorrow I drop my top 5 summer songs on the Facebook page! Go check what all the other writers had for theirs!

Until next time
– Jake



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