Damn Right!

Damn Right (or Darn Right for the kids) is all about bringing the party to a dance floor near you! The band consists of drummer/producer Tommy Bradel, bassist/vocalist Johnny Fissinger and the multi instrumentalist simply known as FLOTE.


They formed at the famed 8×10 Club in Baltimore in the summer of 2008. The band (then with another keyboardist) realized there was chemistry and Damn Right was born. They spent the next few years finding their sound and making a name for themselves as a quality live act up and down the east coast.

Their sound has noticeably changed over time. They used to have a much more jammier sounds with lots of samples throughout their tunes – much like Sound Tribe or Lotus.

Check out The City & The Adventure Must Wait from their 2010 EP. Or take a listen to their soundcloud.

The City

The Adventure Must Wait

Nowadays Damn Right seems to be focusing on a much more structured sound very similar to Tycho – if you don’t know Tycho, check him out he’s awesome.

Damn Right’s latest single Maui Falls was leaked in mid-July and they have confirmed it will be featured on their upcoming full length album titled Arizona, set to be released later this year. Check out the video here!

The bands new sound, or at least this song, relies on imagery that evokes a dreamy, nostalgic moment in your life, like the time you visited a nice beach or met the love of your life or something like that!

What do you think about Damn Right!?

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