Creating Waves at Echo Beach


You might say working at a radio station has it perks.

Last night Toronto’s first Indie radio station, Indie 88, presented Alt-J live at Echo Beach. These guys were sensational and the crowd that they attracted was very much eager and I sensed a strong urge in them, they rushed towards the main stage. A few straggled and didn’t feel the need to rush. But as I stood in the Indie 88 tent and cheered on some of them with our other volunteers, there was a strong reaction from the crowd that wanted Alt-J. Excited for the performance and getting loaded on booze the fans grew in stages. A large diverse crowd was drawn into to see this performance.

Their fans showed their loyalty around 9:45 pm when the skies just poured rain, but the show wasn’t letting up and neither the rain. Not only rain but the skies sparkled and lit up with lightning strikes and it was an amazing addition to the performance on stage, when Alt-J took over from a wicked set from Lord Huron, the light on stages glowed in the foggy rain. Sharp blues and hard reds, blurred by the smoke of Echo Beach.

An amazing performance from Alt-J, they’re truly one of a kind musicians, as ironic as that sentence is… the four performers were formed at University of Leeds. They all had a passion for music and enjoyed jamming, eventually Alt-J formed overnight success, so it seems. They have released one EP in October of 2011, and their album in 2012, An Awesome Wave.

They kicked ass basically, from their light show to their incredible sound. I learned other songs by them and enjoyed the ones I already knew, and I watched as others had a good time regardless the rain coming down on us.

As lucky as I was to see them perform last night at Echo Beach, I hope you are too.

I’m sorry this is so small, try zooming in the page to see. Clearly this stuff is not my forte.


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