The Skanky Skate-Punk of Hey Smith

Ah, Sunday. Sunday has always seemed like a weird day to me. You’re working all week, and then Friday and Saturday are spent unwinding from all the week’s hardships. But then Sunday rolls around and you’re not sure what to do. You were probably out late the past two nights, so there’s really no choice but to wait for Monday to crush your soul and to start counting down to the weekend again. So sit back and soothe your Sunday sorrows with the skanky skate-punk of Hey Smith.

First formed in 2006 in Osaka, Japan, Hey Smith have since toured heavily and, this past May, got three albums under their belt. I had an awful hard and unsuccessful time trying to acquire the new album in question, but that hasn’t stopped me from telling you about these gentlemen.

So what can I tell you about them? Picture a skate park occupied by a select few people playing some fast-as-hell punk rock, backed up by an army of gang vocalists doubling as a marching brass band. Hey Smith are tight, fast, and almost unreasonably fun. These guys are clearly having plenty of that, and they aren’t afraid to shy away from carnival music, darker dubby sections, and full-out feel-good ska instrumentals. Listen to one of my personal favourites, Endless Sorrow. You’re welcome:

For a more current experience, listen to the lead single off their newest album Now Album, it’s called “Download Me If You Can:”

If you have some spare yen, pick up as many albums as you can. HEY SMITH! LISTEN TO THEM RIGHT NAO!

Update: It turns out Now Album can be purchased on iTunes. I’m still broke, though. One day….

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