Dive In and Become Invisible

Hey everybody, I only have a few moments in this extremely busy week, so let me just share a few quick thoughts on rispahThe Invisible’s second album, Rispah. If you find yourself looking for an album to get a little lost in, this is the one. Listening to Rispah is like diving headfirst into perfectly calm pool of water to find an underwater metropolis below. Drenched in reverb and drawn out synthesizers, The Invisible creates an incredibly lush sound on their new album. So much texture falls underneath intricate guitar riffs and strong beats dotting a sonic landscape. I’ve been listening to a lot of Foals recently (at Karly D‘s recommendation) and find a lot of commonalities in tone. While they both have the same spacey and distant qualities, Rispah is much calmer where Holy Fire is aggressive and intense. Here are a few videos, give it a listen!

Much Love,


P.S. With all the Arcade Fire talk, check out this awesome cover of “The Suburbs” by The Invisible

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