Cass McCombs: Brighter! A Melancholy Tale…


Good evening friends and readers,

Today’s Monday Mania post I bring you to the time of gunslingers, lots of eye squinting, and the good old days of moonshine. An album reached me one day, it was Cass McCombs 7th studio album Big Wheel and Others, I did some research first and found two soundcloud clips.

Featuring Karen Black.

McCombs dedicated this album to Black, who passed this past summer, and she features in his sad tragedy of a song. It’s beautiful and painful all in one, the lyrics are heartbreaking, but the Americana tone brings a breezy lift to the song. Black sings hauntingly about a tragic lost soul, her vocals registering at her highest it feels like I’m sitting at a table in a dive bar. With my old fashion in hand, I suck a gulp back and watch her perform this heartbreaking ballad.  

There Can Only Be One

From the beginning it’s wheels on the road and I’m running, it’s the all American dream in this song. I’m not American, not in any way, but I get it. The open road at your feet and the wind in your hair, you drive and you drive far. You’ll pass through state after state, blowing your cash on gift shop items – that will most likely sit collecting dust when you finally call a place home. The sunny orange and red skies, splashed with purples and pinks brings your day of driving to an end; you finally feel ready to put your head down and let sleep overcome you. This is where this song takes you gently away into the night.

The rest is worth checking out and I leave it to your capable hands to hit up his website.

For all the Canadian readers, here’s the dates you can catch him he’s currently on tour promoting Wheels. For the rest of his tour dates, click here.

Dec 3 Montreal, QU – Il Motore 
Dec 04 Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace 

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