First Therapy of 2014: Gossling’s Golden Hits

Today’s Therapy: Gossling’s Harvest Of Gold

Welcome back music lovers! Hope the holidays treated you all as nicely as mine did, a fantastic week spent in a hot tub. Now we’re back to full work days, but there’s still time in the evening to kick back and relax with some new music. I was pleased to find this electronic band through the label Dew Process, which also signed bands Mumford and Sons and Tokyo Police Club.

After reading their Facebook page bio, it was nice to see a familiar thought of mine written down. That being that the best lyrics come from a “lonely and depressed” state of mind (ah Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse). If you’re interested, read the early lives of those two writers. With this in mind, Helen exiled herself to Tasmania in the spring of 2012 only to come back with “Never Expire”. I particularly enjoy Helen’s enunciation of her lyrics in all of her music.

Following up with another extremely catchy track found below, I couldn’t help but try to track down the rest of the album. Of the tracks that I did manage to find, I was mostly a fan of the first two singles found within this post. Put your best foot forward I suppose. Have a listen below and enjoy the vocal melody Helen Croome creates in “Harvest Of Gold”.

I’m keeping it short and sweet today folks with an introduction to Gossling’s music! Hope every one’s Thursday went well. Make sure to keep an eye out for more posts in the upcoming Thursdays, I’m sure 2014 will have a ton to offer.
– Karly D

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