Salad Days Are Easy Days

The sun is making a push to remain in our lives for the next few months, which means it’s time to stock up on music for driving with rolled down windows, lounging outside, and taking it easy. There’s no need for anything too fancy, no need for anything too abrasive or jarring. A smooth voice can be all that is necessary when summer really hits. If this is what you’re looking for, than Mac Demarco has got you covered on his new record, Salad Days.

Mac Demarco has delivered his second album of laid back rock tunes. Mac’s thick, rich voice, accompanied by chorus-laden guitars, drums, and bass, has a deeply relaxed quality to it. He is constantly calming, which he accomplishes by avoiding strong accents and letting his slightly slurred words fall just behind the beat. Everything about his singing style suggests leaning deep into your seat with a steady head-bob. Nothing is too sharp, too piercing, on Salad Days. Every voice has a nice rounded sound that promises to draw the listener in without any risk of offence.

Salad Days is a great album for lounging around when you don’t want anything too cerebral, but there are a few issues. First off, Mac Demarco’s style has not changed much single his last album. Salad Days gets a bit more of a psychedelic feel at times with the inclusion of a few synthesizers. The album has a modest ethereal feel that was not really present on 2, but I would like a little more of that sound to really set it apart from his earlier work. Overall, Salad Days sounds like 2 but with some added maturity and refinement. The other issue is that the songs on Salad Days do not show a tremendous amount of variability, but the album clocks in at a short 32 minutes, so the lack of diversity does not cause the album to become boring. It is truly a solid and fun album, but for me it will be slotted in as an album for a particular setting, rather than something I will be listening to daily.

Salad Days is an album well worth taking a look at. Next time you feel the need to simply chill, give Mac Demarco a try, it should suit the mood just right.

Much Love


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