Baytown Showcases Great Canadian Island Tunes!

Today’s Therapy: Baytown’s Island (released March 24th, 2014)

Welcome back music lovers! Today is one of the many, many bands I got to see live in the basement of bars all across downtown PEI during the East Coast Music Awards in April. After several CD purchases, which now reside on my wall as decorations, I definitely enjoyed this one the most. Unfortunately, I could only find a couple songs off of the album online, so if you like what you hear please get a copy and listen to “New Moon”, “Awake”, “Carry On”, as well as the ones I’ll discuss today.

Below you’ll find the title track “Island”. I personally appreciate the slower tempo live version as Greg’s saxophone solo was much more detailed and Matt’s vocal notes were greatly sustained. Rock enthusiasts would better appreciate the album version as it contains an upbeat and absolutely awesome drum track. The catchy chorus always has me coming back for more “the fuel, the fire, the gasoline”.

Lyrically, this song is about leaving one’s love behind to pursue greater opportunities beyond the shore of their hometown island, which is perhaps reminiscent of Baytown’s growing popularity allowing them to play shows outside of Newfoundland. Speaking of which, they will be playing a show on July 26th at Sharbot Lake Country Inn, located between Toronto and Ottawa just off of the Trans-Canada Highway.

Another forward progressing drum beat is showcased in the first track off of Island entitled “Oasis”, containing the double-time hi-hat in the chorus. Also featuring back and forth vocal melodies with a faded echo and variable interspersed saxophone rifts makes this my second favourite song.

Thanks for tuning in everyone! Make sure to check out the extra tunes I briefly mentioned and hope your Thursday went well!

–          Karly D

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