5 Bands You Need To See At Toronto’s Riot Fest


Lets analyze Riot Fest for a minute. Fifty plus bands. Two days long. This September at Toronto’s Downsview Park. Over fifty bands…If you’ve ever been to an outdoor music festival, you know there is no way in hell you’re going to be able to see the whole set of every Artist.  Between bathroom breaks, merch breaks, food breaks, and beer breaks (hydration is important in the heat) you are bound to miss something.

Aside from all the obvious “Big Wigs” you don’t want to miss (Metric, Billy Talent, Rise Against, THE GOD DAMN CURE??, The Indie Blender has used our “advance computing bandswhodon’tsuck  algorithm” to bring you 5 bands you can not miss. Whose the nerd now bitch?

1. Bob Mould

Alright lets get one thing out of the way. Bob Mould is an old dude. If he gets the chance to mingle with the crowd he’s either going to seem like he’s having a 3 quarters of the way through life crises, or he’s chaperoning his 13 year old daughter. I mean look at him.

But with Moulds age comes a lifetime of radness. Starting out as the lead singer of Husker Du, a key influence of Nirvana, then the singer of Sugar, some time as a writer for World Championship Wrestling, and even being one of the first openly gay alternative rockers, he is somewhat of hidden living legend. Why would you miss the chance to see a living legend? Check out one of his latest singles “Star Machine

2. PUP

Some people are going to Riot Fest to lash out, get crazy, and riot….Imagine that? PUP is 4 high energy rockers based out of Toronto and they are taking off, even being named one of Canada’s top up and coming acts. If their shows are reminiscent of anything you hear on the debut album, expect one hell of a show.

You can also steam (or buy) their full length album below. Look forward to this.

3. Death From Above 1979

You know a bands good when they only have to release ONE ALBUM and can continue to headline festivals and kick ass a decade later. Also lets not forget the fact said band consists of only a bassist and a drummer. DFA1979’s 2004 album “You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine” was monumental to say the least. I still play it a decade later (although if they released a new one I might play that instead). Remember how bad ass Blood On Our Hands was?

I have been told nothing but good things about this Bands live shows. Here’s a video of them live to prepare you for how they’re going to tear up Toronto


2. Alkaline Trio


9 Albums later Alkaline Trio have cemented their spot within the punk rock community and are not here to disappoint. These guys have a way of making the most upbeat and happy music which contains only the most pessimistic and angry lyrics that leaves you with a s sense of satisfaction. Take a taste here

These guys have become known for bringing an underground and club vibe when they play big festivals. With some of the bands playing at this years Riot Fest this Indie Blender writer is looking forward to Alkaline Trio counterbalancing the optimism and bringing the rawness.

1. New Found Glory

New Found Glory is one hell of a Band. Exploding during the late 90’s/early 2000’s Pop Punk Boom, these guys have stayed true to their roots in the ongoing campaign of “Pop Punks Not Dead”. Chad Gilbert’s shredding guitar brings a heavy feel to their pop punk anthems that is sure to have you on your toes.

Renowned for their live shows you would be a damn fool to miss their set.

I can write about how great of a show these dudes throw, but I feel like their music would speak better than my god awful writing.  NFG recently released their first live album “Kill It Live”, how fitting, check it out and get stoked.

Daly has too many feelings to Riot at Riot Fest, follow him on twitter @DalyRy

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