Melted Toys: An Early Christmas Gift

Today’s Therapy: Melted Toys Self-Titled Album (Released: July 15th, 2014)

Easily established as some of my go-to meditation songs, Melted Toys bring together soothing guitar, catchy drums, and a synth to accent their melancholy feel. The low decibel, dream-inducing vocals mesh incredibly well with the carefully chosen guitar to yield a sound which is reminiscent of a later-80’s style. Since the album was only released two days ago, I could only find a couple songs off of the album. Join me for a quick ten minutes as we check them out!

“Blush” is perhaps the most upbeat song they have to offer. What really caught my attention was the looping guitar melody with the slight up-and-down bend found at the end of the song, which reminded me of Modest Mouse guitar work. It’s also nice to hear the main rift get more complex as the song progresses. Enjoy!

“Observations” displays their drowsier side which is most likely caused by the synth solo. Feel free to use this song as undistracting background music to help you focus on other hobbies. Unfortunately for us these songs usually only span three minutes, even though it feels much longer since you can very easily to get lost inside. The video below may be the reason Melted Toys also decided to release a Japanese Idol Pop Mix entitled “Oh Mother Of Islands”. This can be found on their soundcloud page here.

I cannot wait to hear the rest of what this San Francisco group offers on the rest of Melted Toys, but for now here are my two favourites from their older EP Washed and Dried entitled “Come On” (Most Jam-able Tune… those haircuts) and “Neuzone” (Sweet Bass Rift).

Thanks for stopping by yet again!
– Karly D

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