When You Need a Fix of Cheerful Tunes

Summer is a great season for light-hearted tunes that put a spring in your step and hooks that get relentlessly stuck in your head. Many situations will call for something enjoyable and unoffensive to keep a smile on your face. Prairie Cat’s new record, Who Knows Where to Begin?, fits into this category rather nicely. Driven by smooth vocals and driving drums, the album features a set of songs that will insist on taking up residence in your brain.

Everything about Who Knows Where to Begin? oozes warmth. From the naturally comforting sound of Prairie Cat’s voice, to the warbling keyboards, to the deep bass and bouncing percussion, this brand of indie-pop works well for a relaxing day in the sun. This record is certainly an easy one to digest. There’s nothing about it that is particularly experimental or anything that is likely to cause discomfort in the listener. This album is about listening to something pleasant and uplifting to put you in a cheery mood.

Prairie Cat does complement the standard catchy summer song with some instrumental creativity. The occasional string or horn line comes through the mix to offer a little variety from one track to the next. Buying into Prairie Cat’s cheeky lyrics is also quite important to enjoying this album. He’s not exactly a fantastic poet, but there is a certain sarcasm to his lyrics that provide a good amount of humour, which serves to further lighten the tone. Once again, there’s nothing too heady about the lyrics, they are fun and cheerful just like everything else on the album.

If you’re looking for something to throw in a summer playlist, or a good album to drive around to, give Prairie Cat a try. Who Knows Where to Begin? will officially be released on August 5th, but you can get a digital copy now on his bandcamp page for whatever price you choose.

Much Love


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