NEW CONTEST! Owen Pallett Ticket Giveaway

The new season of the NAC Presents concert series here in Ottawa is getting started on Thursday, and with it begins a new season of contests. This time around, the kind folks over at the National Arts Centre have offered us an Owen Pallett prize package, which includes a pair of tickets AND a copy of his most recent album, In Conflict, on vinyl. Owen Pallett will be gracing the NAC Studio on September 27. Don’t miss out on a chance to check out his eclectic mix of electronic music and beautiful instrumental arrangements.

Those of you who recall our Cuff the Duke contest from last year will be familiar with the game here. In order to enter the contest, you must write a comment that includes the name of an Owen Pallett song you happen to find exceptional. If you’re not familiar with his music, then you best go look him up. I will be giving you ONE WEEK to enter this contest. On September 23, we will do a draw to see who the lucky winner is. Make sure you check back here on that day, the winner will be notified via the comments section and by email. May the biggest fan win!


9 responses to “NEW CONTEST! Owen Pallett Ticket Giveaway

  1. Polaris Prize contender …. and signature composition has to be “The Sky Behind The Flag”. In a word … “ethereal” and yet poignant in a world obsessed with flags.

    Let’s hope the bastards in charge leave a little sky as a backdrop for their flags….See More
    Wayne Dunham’s photo.

  2. Ok folks, the results are in! Aleks, you are the lucky winner of the pair of tickets and the vinyl record! Stay tuned, we will have another contest soon!

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