Need to satisfy your rage, man? GODDAMN ya gotta check out CROW TOWN – c’mon just DO IT!

Let me tell you about this little-known two-piece band called Crow Town. This band is loud, rowdy, and awesome. That’s it. That’s all you need to know…

photo 2

Just kidding. Crow Town is Bradley Trauzzi (right) and Davian Hart (left) on guitar/vocals and drums respectively.

I was fortunate enough to catch their EP release party on August 22nd at the Horseshoe Tavern, and they killed it. They bring the same raw energy that I’d imagine they would have playing together as kids in a garage, to the local bar scene. The best part is, there’s no danger of them waking your neighbours, unless of course you’re playing DO IT! too loud.

Speaking of their debut EP, let’s talk about those four songs. The EP starts off with the single, “Goddamn”. Brad’s powerful voice stands out even in the midst of the equally powerful guitar and drums. What strikes me is how controlled Brad’s voice is all over this EP. Especially in the first song, each “Goddamn” could be so much more raw. It could be screamed, and at the same time potentially damage his voice. But it doesn’t need to be raw. The controlled power of his voice gives the impression of a beast strapped into a cage, waiting to break free, which fits Crow Town’s sound perfectly.

“Goddamn” essentially pushes freedom, focus, and generally not giving a fuck about anyone else. At the same time, there’s a little bit of self-loathing in there, that we can all relate to. “All work and no play, makes me feel like a man now” could almost be a play on the proverb “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” The final overall feeling “Goddamn” conveys is a sense of frustration. Which is exactly what you’re going to want to hear, listening to or seeing this band. Let’s face it, no one goes to see a loud energetic band expecting a soothing and relaxing experience. You go to jump around and work out all that aggression you’ve built up during the week.

Watc them perform “Goddamn” in a video by Rusholme Productions

The second track on DO IT! is “Everything is melting.” I can’t help but imagine this song as the final sequence of Fight Club (forget about The Pixies, Crow Town should have scored that movie) told from a completely different perspective; of course, that’s if you take the song literally. The song continues to act out your aggression.

Both “Goddamn” and “Everything is melting” have a repetitive imperative “Leave me alone!” (Goddamn) and “Get me out!” (Everything is melting) it’s simple, and easy to shout along with the band to.

“Don’t lose” is a heavy grunge-y blues track. It’s no surprise that the only thing Crow Town’s Facebook biography says is that they’re “a guitar and drum duo from the mean streets of Toronto,” all their songs give off the vibe of mean streets for sure. Looking for a way to “satisfy [your] rage”? Well this is definitely the band to help you out.

Moderation is without a doubt in my mind, the heaviest song on the EP, musically speaking, and is the perfect way to close the EP. Watch the second Rushholme Productions video below.

Crow Town just played another show at the Horseshoe Tavern last week with Solids, PKEW PKEW PKEW (Gunshots) and Single Mothers. They’ve also announced that a video from that show is coming soon. Also potentially coming soon, is new music. Crow Town took advantage of an offer from Hollerado, and used their studio while they were on tour.

My last plug for this band, is that they have some of the coolest merch ever. Brad works with leather, and has contributed hand made leather merch items you can buy at their shows: card holders, guitar straps, keychains, wallets. Not only is the man a solid guitar player, and has pipes that could literally rock your socks off, but he’s a wizard with leather. They also released Goddamn on a clear flexi-vinyl 7″.

So go spend your money. DO IT! ‘Cause GODDAMN this band is worth it!

Crow Town’s Bandcamp

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