Artists you need on your ipod: OCD: Moosh & Twist

mooshtwistIn an age of youtube / soundcloud we are surrounded by everyone and their aunt trying to get us to download their hot fire mixtape. (PS download my hot fire mixtape!) I’m not saying that it is a bad thing, it’s great for music and the genre of Hip Hop. It’s helping to spread music not just through a certain city but all over the world. With that being said there is so much to go through on the internet. And not everything on the web is that gem you have been looking for. Well search no further because I have the next artists that you need to listen to. I’ve been a huge fan of OCD: Moosh & Twist for some time now. The hip hop duo out of Philly have been grinding hard these past few years. Last year alone they released an incredible EP “Living Out Loud”, performed at the Made In America Festival

and played shows in Europe. I first heard their rapping skills on Hoodie Allen’s song “Two Lips”. Their verses took me by surprise the first time I was jamming out to it. Once they started rapping I was like “HOLY SH$% WHO ARE THESE GUYS? THEY ARE SO GOOD!”
Since then I have been hooked to their music. Sometimes hip hop duos don’t work well because one out shines the other or their styles don’t work well together. But you can tell Moosh and Twist have been friends for a long time, with how good they sound together. Don’t believe me? Check out their hit song “Hold It Down”. I dare you to not jam out to this song! It’s impossible not to. 
The independent duo released their first EP “Living Out Loud” last year. It was one of my favourite projects of 2014. With only two features on the EP and 7 tracks, “Living Out Loud” makes you want more music from Moosh & Twist. They enlist their friends Jared Evan and Hoodie Allen to flex their skills on this EP. They even get D-Pryde to feature on the “Get It, Got It, Go” remix.
What I’m trying to say is Moosh & Twist are about to blow up and I don’t want you to be left behind! Their fun flows will have you wanting to start your own Hip Hop duo. Check out more of their music and follow OCD: Moosh & Twist on twitter! They are also coming to Toronto  get tickets now!

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