Madchild tore down the Rock Pile! Concert Review.

MadchildThe amazing thing about concerts is that they get you out to places you might have never been to. Or get you to meet new people. And that’s exactly what happened last Wednesday when I had the chance to watch Madchild’s show at the Rock Pile. I had never been to a concert at the Rock Pile and have never seen a Machild show before. So I had no idea what to expect from the night. I was able to just take one bus all the way to the venue. When I arrived it was about 40 minutes after they had opened the doors. So I was able to catch most of the opening acts. A lot of new and young talent from around the city were out displaying their skills. This is why I love showing up earlier to hip hop shows. You get a chance to see up and coming local talent that you might have not heard about before. I jammed out to a lot of the opening acts that night. Some that I really vibed with were Team OBM, Reject Visions, KRC, Marmel and a few others. Team OBM a hip hop group that includes 4 rappers, really rocked the stage. Their energy was amazing with each rapper jumping up and down during every song. KRC another Hip Hop group also killed it; they even had a drummer as part of their group. Any rapper who has live instruments on stage is good in my books. They also gave away skateboards with KRC painted on it. Sean Brown a rapper from LA signed under Kid Ink’s label made an appearance.

It was funny because I had been seeing his name everywhere before the show. And I was thinking I should start listening to some of his music. Then all of a sudden I’m seeing him on stage at the Rock Pile. He only played like 2 songs (wish he would have played more) but he made me and many others want to hear more. The opening act that really blew me away was the Reject Visions.
A hip hop duo consisting of FN Scrubs and Yung Pupil; their energy and flow worked so well together. I remember thinking I need to google them when I get home. This show was a lot different from any Hip hop show I have seen before. They had a host who came in after every act pumping up the crowd and giving away prizes. In the middle of the show they even had a dance off for prizes. I would have joined in but I didn’t think they were ready for my ballet dance moves! After the last opening act left the stage the crowd started chanting “Madchild, Madchild, Madchild”. The crowd couldn’t hold their excited to see hip hop legend Madchild. IMG_3112 A projector started to display the Battle Axe warrior symbol above the stage. Everyone had their hands up as the dj started to play the song “Crazy” from the album “The Lawn Mower Man”.
As Madchild ran onto the stage he had the dj restart the song as he went straight to rapping hard bars. When he finished the song everyone was cheering and chanting his name again. The energy in the room went from about a 7 to  a 11 out of 10 once he stepped on stage. The Battle Axe general did not disappoint as he showed why he’s one of the best. He played a lot of his songs from “The Lawn Mower Man” like “Crazy”, “Prefontaine”, “Tiger Style”, “Last Emperor”, “It Gets Better” and many more. Once he started to play “Tiger Style” I had flashbacks from the summer jamming out to this album with my friend in his car (Shouts out to Danny for showing me Madchild’s music!). During the show many beautiful women joined the general on stage dancing and singing to every lyric behind him. One of my favourite songs by him “It Gets Better” was also my favourite song that he performed.
Before he started the song he started to talk to the crowd. He talked about how we must start treating people the way we wanted to be treated. And this really got to me. He is right we need to be nicer as a society and treat each other better. Just seeing this crowd of strangers bond over the music and become friends for a night was amazing. I wasn’t able to watch the end of the show because I had to run to catch my bus. As I was sitting on this bus on the long trip home I thought “man this was a great show”.  With my ears still ringing, the lyrics of “It Gets Better” stuck in my head and a smile on my face it didn’t even bother me that I had work the next day. If you are a fan of Madchild and have a chance to see him play live I suggest you go!

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