It’s a wonderful day for new music!!!! New Music From ShaqIsDope, KYLE and D-Pryde.

It’s a wonderful few weeks when some of your favourite artists all release new music! And some hot fire tracks were released in the last few days. To start the new music madness; Toronto native ShaqIsDope dropped a new song that’s hot fire!  “Wraith Dreamz” starts out with Shaq saying the he will pull up in a Wraith one day. He starts dropping bars saying how the block didn’t give him anything and how he’s not afraid of anyone.ShaqIsDope tells you his story and how he will make it to the top. He doesn’t trust many people because they are all jealous about what he is doing now. “Wraith Dreamz” is a slow, heavy song that will have you wanting to hear more ShaqIsDope music.

Super Dupe Kyle is back. He recently put out a new track “Wait On Me” a deep song dedicated to his Grandpa who passed away a few years ago.  You can feel the passion and the emotions that went into this song. I remember listening to it for the first time and it started to bring back memories of my grandfather. KYLE somberly raps over a bouncy, dark, electronic beat. The sound of “Wait On Me” kind of reminds me of his song “Views From Hollywood” from his album Beautiful Loser. One lyric that will hit you so hard is “4 years of snow ever since you’ve been gone”. This song is a beautiful dedication to his Grandfather. With every song he puts out KYLE keeps showing us why he is going to be one of the best.

D-Pryde released a new song “Grown Up” featuring Danny Friendzone and The Flan. The song starts with a clip of Riff Raff saying “My main goal is to blow up and act like I don’t know nobody”. This song goes so hard! Like for real this is the kind of song you blast in your friend’s car when they hand you the aux cord. D-Pryde starts the song with his incredible singing skills creating a catchy chorus. Once the chorus stops he drops some hot fire bars. “All my boys got back up money”. Danny Friendzone they weren’t ready! They weren’t ready!!! Danny goes in on this song with lyrics like “I don’t even ride but I’m making an appearance. If she’s got a man than you know I’m interfering”. The Flan ends “Grown Up” with a crazy hot verse as his flow works perfectly with the beat. The song “Grown Up” gets us all excited for the release of D-Pryde’s new project “Plan A” coming out March 2nd. D-Pryde also released the song “Low Key” a couple weeks ago. If you haven’t listened to it yet what are you waiting for? Listen to it now!

“Low Key” is my favourite song right now; I’ve had it on repeat since it came out. The Flan also dropped a new song recently “Ready For War” check it out now! Plan A comes out March 2nd.

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