The Party Playlist For You! #Awesome

Drake Dancing Spring break is coming! And I’m not talking about the really bad James Franco movie. With spring break comes vacations to warm places and lots of junk food. Well that and getting back together with your old hometown friends. So break out the party mix (you know the one with pretzels, sun chips, Cheetos and stuff!) and get the Itunes playlist ready! Oh wait, are you telling me you’re bored of playing those same fives songs over and over again? Nothing wrong with blasting the same 5 Abba songs at every party but do you need something new? Well I have the playlist for you! It’s actually called the (Insert your name here) party playlist! Do you want the best party? Well get the playlist ready!

#1 Macklemore: And We Danced

Well the title says it all! This is the ultimate dance song of all dance songs. It’s a really goofy, fun song that takes a break from the serious real life songs Macklemore is known for. The video has a 90’s party feel to it, full of bright coloured out fits and sparkly jackets! These lyrics will be stuck in your head all night “And we danced, and we cried, and we laughed and had a really really really good time”.

#2 Chance The Rapper: Juice

It’s the type of song that when you hear the beat start playing you instantly hop out of your seat and start doing a silly dance. From his massively popular mixtape Acid Rap, the song Juice shows why some people call Chance’s music “Feel good rap”. The kind of song you dance so hard to you accidentally break your mom’s crystal unicorn statue. Not the unicorn statue!

#3 KYLE: Don’t Wana Fall In Love

What can I say this song is super-duper, with more than a million listens on soundcloud you can see why it’s on this list. It’s the new anthem for people growing up in their 20’s. This catchy, bouncy song shows why KYLE is on the come up.

#4 SonReal: Everywhere We Go

WHO DAT THERE EVERYWHERE WE GO! THEY SAYING! With the smooth lyrics to the mesmerizing tune this is a song you need to blast out of your speakers. A perfect confident boosting song that makes you want to yell “LOOK AT ME NOW!”. Just don’t yell in a library they don’t like that. It’s a really fun song that will get the party started and help bring back memories of the summer.

#5 Chiddy Bang: Happening

This is one of my favourite songs from the former duo Chiddy Bang from their début album Breakfast. Happening was one of the first songs I heard from the album and had me hitting the replay button till it broke. (And it sucks when the replay button breaks, who is going to fix it?) British singer VV Brown lends her beautiful voice over top of Xaphoon Jones’s catchy as hell beat. And you know Chiddy just destroys the track with his fire rhymes that always work perfectly with any beat Xaphoon throws at him.