It’s Cold As Shit For April, Warm Up With Mindil Beach. *Interview*

I know, I know, Canadian Music Week is around the corner and EVERYBODY is bugging you to go check out their friends cousin’s cool new indie banjo art project. It’s frustrating right? There’s only so much time in a day and you can always run the risk of a band…sucking. Yikes. 

I don’t blame you one bit for being stressed out about it. We’re all humans here. 


Well, The Indie Blender’s “Bands Who Don’t Suck Algorithm” is back to help out! The process has resulted in a rad band out of BC called Mindil Beach. Now they are a Rock Band, but there’s influences of Hip Hop, Funk, Prog, Reggae  and even a little southern comfort in their music. The southern feel especially breaks through on their latest EP, The Sweet Tea EP.


I had a chance to talk with Patrick, the guitarist & vocalist of Mindil Beach, about trying to combine all these clashing genres under one band, playing CMW, and the origin of the band name. Instead of myself trying to describe why a band makes good music, why not let the band do it instead? Take a listen now or download or later!

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Mindil Beach is playing CMW at Sneaky Dee’s Friday, May 8th. These guys came all the way out from BC, and the music is great. “Love Like Mine” could easily be played on any radio station around here.  So check out the show and give them a great Toronto welcome! Visit the bands Facebook to stay updated.

Oh, and speaking of Love Like Mine, check out the video below. Complete with the “very classy woman” mentioned in the interview. If you listened to the interview you know what I’m talking about, but you probably didn’t. It’s ok, we’re all on the internet. We all have ADD. No worries. You bastard. 


Daly can’t play the banjo. So fuck banjos. Follow him on twitter @DalyRy

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