Yukon Blonde’s On Blonde Might Get in Your Head and Refuse to Leave

Yesterday, another gift was delivered to the fun-loving music fans of the world. Yukon Blonde just released their third full album, titled On Blonde, and it’s guaranteed to satisfy any current fans and it will surely impress some new ones. Whether you are looking for a new album to hype you up or a few tracks for a fresh summer playlist, On Blonde will fit the bill with enthusiasm.

On Blonde would best be described as bubblegum rock, which is a label that I would not necessarily apply to their previous albums. Their music has always been centred on light-hearted, easily enjoyable rock with heavy pop influences, but with this record Yukon Blonde could play an electronic dance party just as easily as a rock show. The album has a steady head-bopping energy and an infectious catchiness that guarantees that these songs will stick in your brain.

Yukon Blonde’s sound is morphing further into pop-rock with a greater reliance on electronics and production. Whether it’s due to greater fame and revenue, experience, or simply a desire to use whatever the studio has to offer, the band is using more layers, more effects, and more synthesizers. On Blonde feels crisp and calculated, as opposed to something like their self-titled album, which feels a little more raw and spontaneous. Either way, none of the fundamental things that make people love Yukon Blonde have been abandoned. Whether you prefer the enhanced production or a loose vibe, any fan of pop-rock will find it hard not to enjoy On Blonde.

Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to some rejuvenating bubblegum rock, Yukon Blonde will be waiting for you.

Much Love,


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