Camp Wavelength Day 2

Yesterday was a great kick off to the inaugural Camp Wavelength Festival.  Dirty Frigs rocked the stage, premiering new music, while Doldrums and Holy Fuck got everyone dancing and grooving late into the night.  Day 2 is upon us and the line up is great.



Courtesy of Hand Drawn Dracula

Holy Fuck member Graham Walsh blends indie-folk and garage punk in Etiquette, fronted by Julie Fader.  Julie’s soft vocals smooth out the accompanying guitar riffs and electronic melodies to deliver a sound that helps the listener both get energized for the day and relax at the end of it.


Slow Down Molasses

Courtesy of Facebook

Shoegaze gets a prairie reboot in this group from Saskatoon.  Through layering, looping and echoes, Slow Down Molasses takes whatever space they are performing or wherever the listener is, and turns it into a vast open place, reflecting their home.  Get ready to chill and rock out.



Courtesy of Doomsquad

People say that a band is like a family, but what if a family was like a band? This is the case for siblings Trevor, Jaclyn, and Allie Blumas, who make up the experimental dance trio DOOMSQUAD.  Their music blends global genres with spacious melodies, transporting the audience to far off lands and times.


Moon King

Interview: MOON KING

Moon King is a fantastic local rock band that brings in grunge, fuzz and electronic elements into their sound.  The live performances that I’ve seen by them have me wanting to see them again, with Maddy and Daniel’s vocalls being even stronger live than recorded and they put on a very entertaining show.


The Wooden Sky

The Wooden Sky has been one of my favourite bands for years, and I’m excited to see them again tonight.  The blend of folk, rock and country bring a wilderness to their hometown of Toronto that matches Camp Wavelength.  Their set is going to be great, showcasing their newest record Let’s Be Ready, while orbably playing fan favourites from throughout their career.

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