Thus Owls Set to Release Black Matter EP

On November 6, 2015, the Canadian-Swedish indie pop/folk band known as Thus Owls will release an EP to follow their widely praised third record, Turning RocksBlack Matter is an EP that retains the qualities that make Thus Owls an exceptional group, but feels somewhat like a transition into new territory. Maintaining their extreme attention to detail and eclectic rhythm and layering, Black Matter seems to be more heavily reliant on electronics and sizzling synthesizers. The dramatic vocals of Erika Angell are captivating as ever, but with the backing of computerized layers the overall sound is starting to approach a darker, less intense, and more atmospheric version of Florence + the Machine. Clocking in at just under 40 minutes, Black Matter is an EP with plenty of substance. Six tracks with ample amounts of exploration make the EP feel a lot like a shortened album. Thus Owls fans will be excited to hear a familiar style taken in a new direction, and will make us eagerly anticipate the next full length album that much more. The first taste of the album, “Turn Up the Volumes”, can be streamed below. Give it a listen and check out all of Black Matter on November 6!

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