Andrew’s Top 5 Albums Of 2015

2015 pictureTop 5 albums of 2015:

Now I would normally list 5 albums that truly blew me away this year but I think it would be unfair and mean to the rest of the projects that were released in 2015. Honestly this year was probably one of the best years in hip hop in recent memory. Last year sucked. So 2015 had a lot of redeeming to do for the mess that was left after 2014. J Cole started it off right Releasing 2014 Forest Hills Drive just before the year ended. And then Big Sean picked that ball right up dropping his newest albumDark Sky Paradise. After that the flood gates opened and album after album was released. Kendrick Lamar finally blessed us with To Pimp A Butterfly and even Drake jumped in with If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. So to have me pick my top 5 albums would be a complete injustice to the genre for hip hop this year. I hope you understand. If not, go read someone else’s list.

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