Marc’s Top 5 EPs of 2015

Marc's Top 5 EPs of 2015

When I was making my list of favourite albums, I realized that there were a lot of EPs on my list, enough to make a separate list just for them. So here’s a list of EPs that came out this year that deserve some recognition.

Blue Sky Miners – Blue Sky Miners
I am so very proud of this band, I’ve watched them grow so much over the last couple years. Finally seeing them release their debut EP was one of the highlights of my year. Expect more from this band in 2016. Check out my review of their EP here.

Force of Nature – Poor Young Things
Poor Young Things have begun to show a pattern: EP, Album, EP, so hopefully that means a full length is on the way in 2016. Like the title implies this EP was a force of nature, a whirlwind of sound and joy. Recently coming off a tour with The Glorious Sons, hopefully more touring and more writing are in the future for this band.

Wino Oracle – The Zolas
It’s already been confirmed that this EP will appear as part of a full length album to be released in early to mid 2016. The EP is catchy and lyric driven, as is their entire discography. Listen to this EP with a glass of Wine, or maybe, since it’s New Year’s Eve, a glass of bubbly!

All Signs Point To Yes – Dave Monks
While writing the songs for Forcefield, Dave Monks, the lead singer of Tokyo Police Club, realized he wanted to get back to basics and write some simple songs, and what came of that was “All Signs Point To Yes,” his incredible debut solo EP. Easy listening, that you can definitely strongly relate to. Looking forward to more solo music from Dave Monks for sure, and who knows, maybe a new Tokyo Police Club album.

111 songs – Hollerado
Okay, so some may argue that Hollerado’s 111 songs isn’t an EP, because it’s as long as 10 full length albums, but I’m putting it on this length, because it’s not exactly an full length album, the songs don’t necessarily form a cohesive work, so I’m calling it an EP, and therefore it makes it onto this list. Hollerado has an actual third album coming out hopefully in the new year, but this mix of songs they did for their 111 die hard fans who purchased pre-orders of White Paint. It’s amazing how much creativity a band has to have in order to end up with 111 unique songs, and then to go and record an album, so the feat of releasing all these songs earns Hollerado a spot on this list. Congrats, buds!

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