Another One from Mac Demarco

Only one year after the release of Salad Days, Mac Demarco has returned with another short album, Another One. This is yet another excellent release from 2015 that I am catching up on, and although brief, it delivers just like every other Mac Demarco record. Say what you will about the guy, he’s certainly consistent.

On Another One, Mac has created a delightfully chill album with a similar production style to Salad Days, but where Salad Days felt like an album for reflection, Another One is a record for calm satisfaction. There is a definite sense of peace on this album. I cannot help but feel comfort every time. Another One is sitting back with a beer and without a care in the world.

Mac Demarco’s songs are not overly complex, but there is something unquantifiable in the feelings he manages to convey. He is an expert at setting an easy vibe and letting his fans groove along. Not only do his songs have a way of getting stuck in your head, they have a staying power that I never expected upon first listening. I thought that the appeal of his smooth, effortless voice and chorus-soaked guitars would diminish after a while, but I’m still tuning in.

If you like Mac Demarco, you will definitely like Another One. If you are unfamiliar with him, check him out. It’s very difficult not to enjoy his music.

Much Love,


PS. I think I might just take Mac Demarco up on that cup of coffee.


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