The Zolas – New Album – Details For You

The Zolas Swooner

Photo by Steve Bays

After the release of Wino Oracle and the confirmation that a full length Zolas album was coming in 2016, we finally can tell you all the information you might want to know about the album, and even a bit of what it sounds like.

First off, the album is called Swooner and comes out March 4th. It’s a 10-track album that features three of the four tracks from Wino Oracle, as well as the single “Invisible” that you may remember from 2013.

Front man, Zach Gray said “It’s the realest, most fun album we’ve ever made by far.”

Below you’ll find a freshly released track called “Get Dark,” and it’s incredible.

The Zolas have only released tour dates for Germany + SXSW but Canadian Dates are on their way.

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