The Cool Hands Interview

One of the most talented and entertaining bands in Toronto right now is the awesome garage rock trio The Cool Hands.  Frequenting The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern and the Silver Dollar Room, they put on a great show.  Last summer, I sat down with Luke (vocals and guitar), Sally (drums) and Ty (vocals and bass) for a fun dinner and interview.

How did you guys meet?

Sally: (pointing between herself and Tyler) We’re siblings. So we’ve known each other for a while. No, we all met in highschool.

Kinda had the same taste in music?

Sally: Well, I wasn’t a musician when we were hanging out, like I played piano as a kid. Ty didn’t even live in Toronto when we started out as a band

Ty: Oshawa. We had a lot of Sype band practices. Never worked out back when Skype was all glitchy. It would be “123!… ugh…gaw….no, stop, stop”

Sally: For a while we lived all over. Once I started learning drums, Luke’s always played guitar forever, so Ty was bass.

Where did the rap part come into the live show?

Luke: I don’t know.

Sally: We would always listen to rap, and I think there was a string of times where Luke and I would walk home from parties and shows or nights out and would be rapping Das Racist on the side of the road, while walking home. So we just got obsessed with it, and learning stuff, and now “99 Problems”. We just wanted to cover it. We’ve always enjoyed covers, like at our first show, we covered “If You’re Happy And You Know It.” We tend to do songs that don’t tend to sound like us.

Luke: I just really like rap music, it’s just so aggressive. It’s loud and aggressive.

Sally: To me, it’s the same as punk. Like, power anthems for a misinfranchiased group. Where punk came from. But then they became the opposite, where punk is usually “I’m so poor man”, or at least a section of it, when rap turning into “I’m so rich man.”

Ty: Then once the rappers actually get rich, then it’s “SO RICH!!”

Yeah, cause you never see punk musicians who are like “I’m so rich!!”

Luke: Now I’d like to see that now. A rich punk.

Sally: Yeah, who actually tells the truth. That would be amazing! Like “I got rich, now I’m rich, and now I don’t know what to do with it.”

Luke: Being completely covered in 24 Karat gold facial piercings.

Sally: Or a gold-threaded leather jacket.


Left to right: Luke, Ty, and Sally

How have shows been recently?

Luke: We’ve played in Guelph, which was weird cause there’s really only two bars for music. Mainly a university town.

Same as London.

Sally: Yeah and we played there last summer.

Luke: Most of the time, we’re in between the Horseshoe and the Silver Dollar, which are our favourite venues.

Sally: Even before we started playing shows, we would always go to the Silver Dollar Room.

Both venues are great, also they showcase a wide range of different genres.

Sally: Exactly, and I’ve never really had a bad time at either of them. They’re just fun places to go. Even when I’m at the Silver Dollar and not listening to the bands, just hanging out in the back room, I have a great time. I’m so happy they opened up the arches again. Probably my favourite feature of all the venues in Toronto.

Ty: I like the back room, because if thre’s a really shitty band, you can just go there and play pool.

Luke: It’s great and the best is when you mention it to the everyday Torontonian, they’re always like in a whiny voice “Ewww, the Silver Dollar Room, you’re gonna get an STD there.”

The bathrooms there aren’t even that bad.

Luke: yeah, and after the FIDLAR show (at the Horseshoe), the bathroom was destroyed. But I guess they get that a lot. Just drunken punk wars.


Check them out this Friday at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern when they open for funk songstress SATE.

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