Merival’s EP Lovers is a folky masterpiece


Folk is definitely a genre where either the musician is authentic, or it feels like their just playing a part.  The former applies fully to Toronto-based acoustic singer-songwriter Anna Horvath, known professionally as Merival.  Her EP Lovers covers all the bases of a great collection of folk songs: A hauntingly beautiful voice, a lofty feel to the instrumentation and heartfelt and heart-breaking lyrics.


The range in Anna’s voice is fantastic, carrying the listener away on pure notes from alto up to soprano.  “A Better Deal” shows this off the best, with a flowing delivery of the lyrics, and setting up the overall mood of the EP.

The beat picks up with “Alay Alas”, where Anna shows off her guitar expertise.  Throughout the LP, the listener also is graced by her amazing banjo (“Dream of Yourself”) and mandolin (“Kicking You Out”) playing.

The depth of lyrical content on this EP goes beyond her young age, especially when she states that “All of the songs on Lovers were written before I was 20.” There is a very mature feel to Lovers, in both the lyrics and the musicianship.

Make sure to go see Merival this Friday at the Burdock, where she is hosting a EP release party for Lovers.  You will not be disappointed at all.

Check out her FacebookYoutube and Twitter.

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