Will O’ the Wisp -Moon Moon Moon’s Interactive EP

If there is only one thing I have a great passion for, it has to be music. As a result, I tend to gravitate towards activities that allow me to listen to music as much as possible. This might be the largest reason for my parallel love of video games. A relaxing evening often consists of throwing on a video game on mute and listening to my favourite albums. Today, a band called Moon Moon Moon sent a wonderful merging of those two worlds. Their most recent EP, Will O’ the Wisp, is accompanied by a brief 8-bit video game. As you play through the simple, charming game, you play your way through the music. Whether you are a video game fan or just an audiophile, I highly recommend giving it a try.

This being a music blog and all, I’ll begin by talking about the music itself. Will O’ the Wisp is an EP of subtlety. This collection of songs and brief instrumental interludes paints a tonal landscape using many atmospheric layers. Whispering, strained vocals are interwoven with an array of instruments and sound effects that rise and fall around each other. With the exception of an uplifting and blissful second track, the EP has a longing quality, a certain sadness which makes it best suited for moments when you find yourself in a particular mood. The production quality is exceptionally high, and this factor combined with the seamless progression of Will O’ the Wisp gives the EP a crisp, calculated feeling.

All of the elements of the music are paired perfectly with, and enhanced by, the short video game that accompanies Will O’ the Wisp. The game is simply an interactive method of walking the listener through a story. As you walk from one 8-bit screen to the next, you follow the sad tale of a wandering hermit chasing a mysterious light. The game is whimsical but heartbreaking, and uses the old graphic style of animation to communicate with a healthy dose of artful nostalgia. This game has a way of giving the player/listener a new perspective on our daily lives, and it does so effectively with very little time and very few carefully-chosen words. Once you complete the game, you are given a link to download the full EP, as well as any bonus b-sides you unlocked along the way.

Play through Will O’ the Wisp, it’s a wonderfully unique experience and a great way to hear some brand new music. Oh, and make sure you follow the instructions at the beginning. Lights off, headphones on. You can find the game right over here: Will O’ the Wisp.

Much Love,



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