Hex EP by Mt. Wolf is a Dreamy Soundscape


Everyone wants to escape the dull, everyday life, and one of the best ways to do that is through music.  The newest EP by London, UK ambient acoustic trio Mt. Wolf, titled Hex, takes the listener away from the mundane. Lead singer Sebastian Fox, guitarist Stevie McMinn and drummer Alex Mitchell seamlessly blend together acoustic singer-songwriter, ambient electronic and rock, to create these vast soundscapes.

The four songs that make up the EP are each their own gem.The title track introduces the listener to the band’s sound, with Sebastian’s vast range of singing, from tenor to almost falsetto, and Stevie’s beautiful guitar riffs.  The song includes string sections and Alex’s drumming comes in almost halfway through to build the song up to a swelling conclusion.

The next song is “Anacrusis”, which was a Song of the Day here a few weeks back.  This picks up the EP a bit more, with fast-paced synths and a fuller guitar riff.  Sebastian’s voice is echoed to sound fuller.  The song has a hopefulness in the lyrics and the feel of the song, especially by the end, where the guys rock out with heavy drums by Alex.

The newest single by Mt. Wolf is “St. Michael”, which is a slower ballad.  The song starts with Stevie’s guitar and Sebastian singing along.  There is a rawness to Sebastian’s voice, wavering at parts, but hitting pure notes in the higher register.  Then the song grows with some ambient effects in the background, and some backup vocals.

The final song is “Requiem”, an instrumental trackwhich is based around the piano.  There are very cool effects added to the piano to cause reverberation and echoing, and added rustling of wind.

Overall, this is a solid EP.  The musicality of Mt. Wolf is excellent and everyone should be on the lookout for them, with either music or seeing them live.  Hex is out today on CRC Music.

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