Delta Will’s Weathering is a Soaring Debut

In March a Toronto band known as Delta Will released their debut album, Weathering. While some listeners may have had some idea of what to expect following from the bands two EPs, but I went in with no knowledge of this band. I was immediately struck by the textural nature and refined sound of Weathering. Delta Will has clearly spent some quality time developing and honing their craft, and now we all get to experience the fruits of their labor.

Weathering presents an uplifting journey primarily made up of indie rock and pop, but drawing aspects and individual layers from a seemingly endless number of genres. An electronic synthesized line here, some folk-infused acoustic guitar there, an ensemble which sounds distinctly Indian might pop up when you least expect it. It is the diversity of Weathering that sets this record apart. Delta Will is not afraid to use every tonal tool at their disposal, allowing the listener to be surprise at any moment by a voice emerging from the mix.

While the instrumental corp of Weathering is constantly morphing, one factor unifies the album and provides the melody that is sure to plant Delta Will’s music in your brain. Charles Tilden’s soaring vocal melodies are bright, warm, and exceptionally positive. When listening to his melodies on top of the colourful palette I can’t help but feel inspired. Even a song which battles doubt like “Are We Gonna Make It?” has a certain optimism carried by the harmonized, wistful vocals. It’s a perfect album to welcome the sun after a cold winter.

Don’t sleep on Delta Will, I cannot wait to hear what this band has in store for us in the future.

Much Love,


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