Explosions in the Sky Will Take You to the Wilderness, but They Won’t Let You Out

Entering a true wilderness is an event full of unknowns. Out beyond the reaches of civilization, the world operates by a different set of rules that are never predictable. One thing, however, is certain. The wilderness is immersive. Once you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, nothing exists except the current moment and environment. The Wilderness, as explored by Explosions in the Sky, is exactly that feeling, but done with nothing but sound. Their 7th full-length studio album is yet another quintessential post-rock album for any fan of the genre.

Nature can bring out the most fundamental and powerful emotions that anything can feel. At the offset there may be a feeling of anticipation and adventure. As you continue on your journey you may find moments of bliss brought on by the beauty of the natural world. There are times where complete stillness and quiet dominate. Other situations may bring about a lingering tension which can slowly build until nothing but stress and fear remain. You may be happily on your way until a sudden catastrophe jars the senses.If you choose to travel into The Wilderness with Explosions in the Sky, every one of these scenes are communicated using primal, raw, animalistic emotion.

The Wilderness is true to the sound that all Explosions in the Sky fans are familiar with, but once again the band has put it into a new context with a new theme. Although it’s difficult for me to judge exactly where their tremendous albums rank, this one feels like one of their best. It is an album that absolutely cannot be separated into its parts. To listen through the full record is to be taken travelling through unknown tonal worlds.

Explosions in the Sky are a band that I cannot recommend enough. Give any of their albums a try, and if you have a chance to see them on their current tour, make sure you are in attendance. You will be in for one of the most emotional performances you will ever see.

Much Love,


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