KÄSE Dials Up the Loudness on their Debut EP

Usually when I hear of a bass-piano-drums trio, my thoughts immediately turn to any number of phenomenal jazz trios that have existed over the years. It’s an uncommon combo in the rock world. There is, however, an Ottawa trio which is breaking the mould. KÄSE just released their debut EP, titled Loudness: Live Off the Floor, a pulsing, moving compilation of songs with a bass-heavy tone you won’t quite hear anywhere else.

The sound of KÄSE is defined by stark contrast. At the forefront we hear blues-rock vocals and KÄSE’s characteristic distorted bass taking a lead role. The raw, emotionally-driven bass is contrasted by clean, full-sounding keyboards which fill out the sound in both tone and texture. The steady backing of rock drumming keeps the energy high and ensures an appropriate rhythm for serious head-banging. The way the deep fuzz of the bass plays off the jazzy piano Gives KÄSE a distinct, tell-tale sound, separating them from the rest of the pack of standard rock bands.

The genuine nature of  Loudness: Live Off the Floor  cannot be debated. These three guys sound like they absolutely love what they are creating and are making music purely for the joy of crafting something original. Whether it’s the absence of extraneous layers or the charm of the vocals which seem unconcerned with hitting the melodies exactly on pitch, the fun that KÄSE is having in the studio is infectious. The band sounds loose and free, but every time the music needs to move they move as a unit, always keeping the listener on their toes.

I’m excited to hear more from KÄSE, but for now Loudness: Live Off the Floor is a promising debut. It may be brief, but there is some damn good music in every minute. Stream it for free or download it at whatever price you like on their bandcamp page.

Much Love,


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