Getting Lost in the Ebb

On August 19, 2016 a California band known as Getaway Dogs will be making their first mark on the music world. Lost in the Ebb, their debut LP, will welcome you with a smooth surface, but underneath the warm sound lies an intensity that will keep you around far longer than your average summer anthem. Right now we only have a few singles to stimulate your appetite, but fear not. The release of Lost in the Ebb is right around the corner.

Lost in the Ebb is an album that is at once calm and forceful. Delicate, precise finger-picked acoustic guitar lines with distinct Latin overtones give Getaway Dogs a peaceful, flowing backbone. Harmonies between paired female and male voices allow the listener to float along from one track to the next. The percussion is careful and deliberate, making sure to pick the right moment for each strike of a drum stick. But while the drums may be sparse, they are powerful. Strong, spacious beats give Lost in the Ebb a pulsing energy that makes it ideal for simply relaxing or making you move.

Usually, an album like Lost in the Ebb, which is characterized by its laid back nature, would remain rhythmically and harmonically in a comfortable groove, but this record is one that is not afraid to gracefully knock you around. Getaway Dogs are not afraid to throw a quick series of chord changes to keep you on your toes. An offbeat accent is liable to shift the focus of your gentle head bobbing every now and then. I feel that this record is one that has plenty for the audiophile who is looking for a smooth ride and one who delights in complexities of a mobile backbone to a song.

Getaway Dogs are a band to keep your eye on. Lost in the Ebb is a debut from a band with maturity and purpose. Don’t miss it when it drops on August 19.

Much Love,


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